We have a seasonal greenhouse that offers great passive solar heating to the South side of our house during the winter months, it also provides a winter home to our dogs and our greens. The picture below, on the left, shows our solar thermal system, the panels on the left consist of a coiled tube contained in a black sealed box, the photovoltaic panels on the right convert photons to electrons, this electrical energy then runs pumps to circulate glycol through the solar thermal panels, after the glycol is heated,it passes through a heat exchanger where potable water is also cycled through a different loop. We have a seperate 110 gallon tank for the solar thermal system, thus, when need be, we can switch the houses's hot water supply between the solar thermal system and natural gas with our 40 gallon tank.

The photo below on the right shows our roof mounted 2 kW photovoltaic system, and a nice view of the Sandia Mountains from our rooftop.